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Today was one of the most boring days of my life. I had orientation… - If you were'nt real
I would make you up
Today was one of the most boring days of my life. I had orientation for my new job and it was 8 hours of such tedious and pointless information, I mean honestly we spent like 2 hours discussing the different types of credit cards. I have another whole day of it to look forward to tomorrow too. Hooray. I just want to start my new job and settle in. I've been feeling all sad lately about quitting my current job, I mean I was only there 3 months and everyone I work with were cool just they were shit workers.

I decided I want a full make over, I really need to lose the 5-10kg I pretty much put on during the holidays. Me and my friend are going to get our hair done in a few weeks and I want to buy lots of new clothes. I know I sound superficial but I have had low self esteem pretty much my whole life and I hate looking at gorgeous girls and feeling insanely jealous.
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16__knives From: 16__knives Date: February 23rd, 2007 12:08 am (UTC) (Link)
hey, just thought id reply to your comment here since you've mentioned weightloss.
Its going ok for me, I had some not so strict moments where I pigged out and put some weight back on :S I was originally 76kgs and now im around 72.5kg. Its taken me a while though, cause I keep being bad. And I also stopped exercise for a while, trying to get back into it now.
I want to get down to 65kg so I still have quite a way to go, Im just really bad cause Im seiously addicted to sugary foods, and takeaways. But some days it is really easy. I dont know what your eating habits are but its as easy as eating right and exercising.
A couple of times I have considered Weight Watchers, just for the support of having like planned meals. Ive also thought about going to my doctor and being refered to a dietician or something.
You don't sound superficial btw, Im the same, its the pretty skinner girls that get to me, i mean no offence to them, I just wish I looked good in nice clothing, etc.
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