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missing - If you were'nt real
I would make you up
I miss my friend Sophie so so much. I got a postcard from her yesterday and I cried reading it. She moved to NZ to go uni there, it sucks because in the few months before she left we became really close, we even spent new years together. I probably wont see her until the end of the year in the christmas holidays.

Work is really crap at the moment, the last two days have been hell. The girl I work with who I get along really well with has resigned and her replacement is kind of boring and yeah she's nice and all but annoying. It's been so busy lately and all my customers have just been shit shit shit. I also feel like I havn't had a good night's sleep in so long. I woke up this morning feeling like I hadn't slept at all. I can't wait to just relax tonight. Only two more days of holidays too, oh well.
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