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and I'm waiting for neighbours - If you were'nt real
I would make you up
and I'm waiting for neighbours
Stole this from the lovely 16__knives

When I'm nervous: I can barely breath or speak

If I were to get married right now my maid of honor/bestman would be?: Wah I'm never going to get married :( It would be Juliet though.

by this time next year: Probably doing the exact same thing I'm doing now

I have a hard time understanding: maths and science

If I won an award, the first person I told would be: My mum

Take my own advice: I got nothing!

Most recent thing I've bought myself: A spare key for my car.

Most recent thing someone else bought me : A drink

My favorite hair style is: loose waves

My middle name is: I don't have one

In the morning I: can't wake up most days

Last night I was: crying and feeling sorry for myself pretty much like tonight

If I was an animal I'd be: a bear

A better name for me would be: no idea my name probably suits me

Tomorrow I : go to work

Tonight I am: watching tv

The next day I am: going to work and then coffee

My favorite color is: green and pink and purple

My heart is: broken :(


1. Fell in love - 14

2. Got a myspace account - um 18 I think

3. Got drunk - 14

5. Got french kissed - 14

6. Had surgery- never had surgery

7. Got your heart broken - 19

8. Lost a pet - um 11

9. Got arrested - haven't

10. Smoked a Cigarette - 16

11. Broken a bone - 11

12. Went to a concert - lol still havn't gone, it will be 20 though as I'm going to see Snow Patrol next month

13. Got your own mobile phone - 15

14. Got a speeding ticket- never I hardly even go the speed limit let alone over it

16. Snuck out of the house - 17

17. Pierced other than your ears - only have my ears peirced

18. Got a tattoo - never that stuffs not for me at all

20. Went to a club - 17 a dodgy goth club

21. Transfered to a new school - once when I was 11 and again when I was 16

22. Totalled a car - I havn't, I've pranged about 5 times though

23. Moved out of your parents house - not yet

24. Drove more than 100 miles alone - never have

25. How old are you now - 20 in like 3 weeks
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