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Goodbye to my teenage years - If you were'nt real
I would make you up
Goodbye to my teenage years
So I have been twenty for almost a week now. My birthday was pretty great, had a really nice dinner and went to a hotel with Dave which was a really lovely surprise.

Now that I'm twenty I have decided I really need to change a few things and get myself into order. I still pretty much live and act like I am 17 or 18. I even look younger and people often mistake me for being 16! So I have decided I need to work on the following things:

  • Try to cut down on the swearing if not eliminate it entirely
  • Keep my room tidier (I am already struggling with this one)
  • Start to manage my time a lot better
  • Start taking better care of myself health-wise
  • Start to drive a little more agressively
  • Trust my own instincts more
  • Be more positive and worry less
  • Mangage my money better

    Argh so much stuff to think about but I definetely want to try, I mean I can't live like a child forever. There's people my age who have children and have to support themselves and I seriously can't even imagine moving out of home yet, I'm so frustrated!

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    daiq From: daiq Date: October 17th, 2007 09:06 am (UTC) (Link)

    Since i can't post in the Canberra community for some reason

    Sorry - i wanted to reply to your post about Distant Ed from over in the Canberra community, but couldnt. I realise you dont know me, and this is your personal journal and all - but i figured it may still be useful.

    I did my Masters by Distance Ed through Flinders University and they are FABULOUS! Even when i was the only one in my class they were really supportive. I was in Japan the year i finished and they even handled that issue. And no residential component for me down there - but what i thought was lovely, when i graduated my supervisor came to the ceremony just to finally meet me in person.

    And i have done Distance Ed study at QUT (as have friends) and i would suggest staying the hell away - complete and utter shamozzle for all of us involved!
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